About Me.

About Me.

I am fully trained and qualified in the skills of Hypnotherapy (ABH, to mastery level), NLP (INLPTA, to mastery level) and of course Life Coaching and LifeStream Coaching.

NLP and Hypnosis have an area of overlap - they both use language and they both work directly with the subconscious mind - so they can be used either as a stand alone therapy or blended together.

Both sit very comfortably within a Life Coaching or LifeStream Coaching framework - in fact they could have been made for each other.

Having worked closely with external NLP trainers in the business world and witnessed its effectiveness over many years I pursued Hypnosis and NLP training privately more than 13 years ago. I also used Coaching skills extensively for managers and non managers in the business setting very effectively to set and achieve both business and personal goals.

And for completeness I am also a student of forensic psychology (3rd year)


I had no idea it would be so effective, so quickly!

Mrs Susan C

 Crystal Palace, UK


Some issues I have treated very successfully include:

nail biting, fear of flying, phobias and fears, loss of confidence following a traumatic incident, confidence or anxiety in exams or interviews, establishing goals, insomnia, self consciousness, anxiety, obsessive behaviour, fear of failure, relaxation for medical treatments, depression, mid life crisis, creating life goals, wieght loss, sexuality and gender issues, end of relationship and moving on, bereavement, the list is almost endless.

If you have an issue not listed here and would like to find out if I can help please do use the ‘I Want To Know More Please’ button below to get in touch so that we can discuss available options..

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