Get in touch.

Simply send an email directly to me using the email address shown below. Tell me what the issue is in as few words as you can (nail-biting or anxiety or stress or unable to sleep or whatever the issue is, if you are not sure then just write ‘I am not sure’) and I will get back to you within 24 hours so that we can explore a little more deeply what the problem is and how I can help.

Where and How.

My private practice is based in Folkestone, Kent, UK.  I often visit clients at their home (especially welcome if the problem is confidence related) or at my office.

However using technology (skype, email, telephone) to connect for sessions I increasingly work with clients from across the UK and from across the world very successfully.

The only limiting factor is that you speak and understand English - as hypnosis, NLP and coaching are ‘talking therapies’.

Fees: Session fees are from £25 to £50 GBP dependant on length of session and how the appointment takes place (via technology or F2F).

The average session lasts for 45 minutes. There is no charge for the initial 30 min session to explore the issue and for me to explain how NLP/Hypnosis and Coaching work.

Concessions are available for low or un-waged persons.

All fees are paid on the day before the start of the appointment (using paypal for virtual consultations).

Contact us directly.

Call: (040) 7813 55 2400


eMail is always the best way to get hold of me in the firtst instance - because if I am with a client I will be unable to answer calls.


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