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I don’t know you - but I do know the type of person who seeks help. Unfortunately most people with an anxiety problem do not seek help.  You will be one of a small % of the population who are sufficiently self aware enough to realise that something is stopping you from reaching your potential.  

Anxiety disorders are the most common of emotional disorders which include:

• Overwhelming feelings of panic and fear

• Painful, intrusive memories

• Recurring nightmares

• Physical symptoms such as feeling sick to your stomach, “butterflies” in your stomach, heart pounding, startling easily, and muscle tension

Anxiety disorders differ from normal feelings of nervousness. People with anxiety disorders may also suffer from depression, and they also may abuse alcohol and other drugs in an effort to gain relief from their symptoms. Job performance, school work, and personal relationships can also suffer.

What brings you here?

You may have a busy life with work or family commitments, or perhaps you live some  distance from a town or city making it difficult for you to seek professional help by visiting a therapist in person.  Or maybe you are concerned at potential costs of private therapy - and you may even think you are not worth the cost? Whatever reason brought you here - I do know  that you want to find help and you are actively seeking help. This means you may be ready now, ready to change things for the better.

Why will this work for you?

This approach is absolutely tailored to meet your needs in terms of your availability (when and how frequently) and the issues you wish to deal with. Each session is tailored exactly for your needs. And to keep costs down and always controlled we can do sessions using technology (skype, email, calls, etc) so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world we can still connect.

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